Terms of Use

Welcome, kings and queens who decided to learn our codex! This document contains information about general rules essential for every website user. So, now we will elucidate:

  • Casino membership;
  • Account creation;
  • Deposits and withdrawals;
  • Game rules and responsible gambling;
  • Unauthorized transactions;
  • Account misusage.

💸 Casino Membership

You become a member the second you finish registration. That means consenting to our policies automatically. Rejecting the rules leads to account suspension and deletion.

Please note that you must submit various data pieces to become a member. Thus, please certify that:

  • You are at the age that allows gambling;
  • You use banking tools that you own;
  • You play legally without bypassing official restrictions (your country does not prohibit gambling);
  • Your details are accurate;
  • Your contact information is valid;
  • You do not create multiple accounts for fraud and cheating;
  • You do not intend to take unlawful actions.

Please do not temperate verifying your account so that we do not suspend it for suspicious actions. If your submitted information needs corrections, contact the support for further instructions. All are necessary to protect you as a player from fraudsters and potential unlawful breaches.

If we detect suspicious activity, we have the right to commence an examination. We may investigate with third parties such as official institutions and authorities. If we fix the facts of fraud and cheating, we may direct those materials to authorities for further investigation.

💸 Account Creation

Account creation takes several steps. Note that there are spaces that are obligatory for filling. The data pieces we obtain after your registration remains in the database with restricted access. That is necessary to protect your account from fraudsters and mimics that might want to steal your data.

Please do not attempt to create several accounts for cheating. We may restrict all your accounts when we detect suspicious activity. Thus, you might start one account per email, device, and other means that allow managing an account. Also, do not use automated tools like bots, as that equals cheating.

💸 Deposits and Withdrawals

Every player must perform money transactions with tools that belong to them. Also, we are not responsible for fees that are obligatory for using the banking services. Please note that several payment methods might or might not charge extra fees. Also, pay attention that all deposits are instant. Withdrawing might delay your replenishments by some methods. For instance, debit/credit card withdrawals might take 1–3 days. Bank transfers might take 3–5 days. The casino does not control the banking processes, so we are not responsible for delays.

Please ensure that you do not transfer your resources to suspicious accounts and wallets. We are not responsible for mistaken transfers. Thus, we will not have an opportunity to restore the funds you have lost, sending them to a fake account.

If we detect suspicious banking activities, we have the right to notify official institutions about the case. Also, we do not notify local taxes about your winnings. Thus, notify the authorities about your financial situation to avoid unlawful actions.

💸 Game Rules and Responsible Gambling

Please be attentive to the rules of each game. We highlight the significance of responsible gambling. The support cannot assist you when you have made irrational decisions and neglected the rules. If there is information you want better elucidated, please notify us and request a detailed explanation. We recommend sticking to responsible gambling standards to sustain your well-being.

💸 Unauthorized Transactions

We monitor all transactions to ensure your safety. If an unauthorized transaction occurs, do not hesitate to notify us. The administration will launch an examination to restore your lost/stolen credits.

If there is any system failure, we will notify you immediately. When we eliminate the issue, you will get a message about a successful fixing. You are the rightful owner of your financial resources. We will protect your credits as long as you are a casino member.

💸 Account Misusage

Various actions might get your account suspended, restricted, and deleted. What happens when you:

  • Use automated tools (bots and programs) that take uncontrolled actions;
  • Use the system error to break the balance, which is equal to winning by cheating;
  • Use the system error without notifying the support about it;
  • Create multiple accounts;
  • Go for money laundering;
  • Transfer funds to other accounts;
  • Use collusion tactics to take an unbalanced advantage.

All that leads to losing your resources and account. If we have suspended your account for no reason, please contact us and tell us about the issue. We may launch an investigation to examine all operations.

Fixed facts about fraud may become material for investigation by authorities. In that case, official institutions obtain your information to disclose your identity. The third parties’ verdict prevails.