Privacy Policy

We welcome the kings and queens of our kingdom of riches! Please make sure that you learn the codex, which determines a set of rules about your privacy. Here are the points that we will elucidate in the code:

  • What data is relevant for the website;
  • The reasons why we need your data;
  • Ways we obtain your data;
  • The usage of your data;
  • For how long your data remains in the database;
  • Your unquestionable rights;
  • Security systems;
  • Contacting for more detail.

💸 What Data Is Relevant to the Website

First and foremost, we must highlight those various pieces of data that are essential for service providing. We must know the following details to provide services to you:

  • Your email that you use for logging;
  • Your password;
  • The phone number that you mention while registering;
  • The country from where you play;
  • Your preferred currency;
  • Permanent payment details (the card number without other details).

But also, we might obtain information such as your name, age, IP address, and other details that are relevant for the services. For instance, we might fix information about your:

  • The time when you log in;
  • Gaming sessions (the games you pick, the bonuses you use, etc.);
  • Browsing;
  • Clicked links;
  • Viewed pages on the Internet.

In addition, technical information is relevant to us. So, we might fix data about your preferred browser, your most-used device, preferred language, etc.

💸 The Reasons Why We Need Your Data

First and foremost, we must contain that information to allow you to log in to your account. Second, all the listed data is vital for services providing and personalizing your experience. We cannot set up your account if we miss the most relevant pieces (like your email and password). Some details like your session timings are significant for audience research. That is crucial for service enhancement. In addition, only with personalized data can we provide bonuses and exclusive gifts for you.

Another reason is your safety. We must contain those details to identify you and detect fraudsters that might want to steal your data. Thus, please be sure to enter valid and accurate information so that we never lose contact with you.

💸 Ways We Obtain Your Data

Three channels let us gather your data.

From you as an information provider

You are the principal information provider. We never use your information without your consent and willingness to share. Also, you are the only person who can determine the extent of your anonymity. When you register, you fill in the blank spaces, and that information automatically remains in the base.

From your most-used devices

The device always holds information about your IP. That is also vital for website maintenance and personalization. If there is no IP data, users cannot interact with the website and communicate. Also, we might fix information about the technical component to provide a good display.


Cookies are essential for a list of reasons. You can refuse non-essential cookies or restrict them. Yet note that those temporary files are essential to provide services to you.

💸 The Usage of Your Data

We never display your data to unauthorized third parties as we do not intend to disclose your information for profiting. Mostly, we use the data you provide for website maintenance and user identification. Also, we might pay attention to components like your phone number if we need to contact you directly. For instance, that might happen if we detect threats to your account.

Also, we use data to enhance our groups’ work and services. For example, we fix information about login timings to research the audience. The research brings results that we use to create and implement tactics to strengthen our policies and services.

No alien third parties can access the data you submit. Still, official institutions (for instance, banks) use your payment information and other details.

💸 For How Long Your Data Remains in the Database

Information from cookies is relevant solely when you open the tab. Those files stop functioning when you close the website. Permanent information is in our databases to the moment when you ask us to erase your presence. That information is not relevant to the website when you delete an account, so we delete it without restoration potential.

💸 Your Unquestionable Rights

You are the only person who determines the extent of your anonymity. Remember that you always have the right to:

  • Access your data whenever;
  • Correct your information if it needs more accurate details;
  • Object to data processing;
  • Restrict data processing;
  • Manage cookies up to canceling their functioning;
  • Erase your informational presence.

Yet note that all the listed operations mean you stop using our website. We cannot provide full-scale services when you block essential data processes. Also, all will delete your bonuses and gifts.

💸 Security Systems

We utilize modern technologies to protect you from breaches and deceivers. If there is a leak, we automatically block the encrypted data even though it is unreadable to alien intruders. Also, we will notify you about the issue and do everything to correct the situation.

Remember that no security software and hardware will protect you when you share your details with suspicious users. Keep that information a secret so that no hackers and crackers attack your account.

💸 Contacting for More Detail

If you need clarification, please get in touch with the support if there are any points that you question. The managers work 24/7, so you will get the answer. The most trusted way is texting our support via a secure chat on the website